The system is using the wind energy as the motive power to revolve a permanent-magnet generatorat low speed to generate alternating current. This alternating current is converted to direct current through constant-voltage rectifier under control and stored in the battery. The direct current transmitted from the battery can be converted to alternating current through inversion power source and then put into use by linking to a load.
The product is featured by novel design, unique technique and strong practicability. The key technique of the unit has been awarded the invention patent and practical new patent by the State Intellectual Property Office and enjoys the independent intellectual property right in China. The product offers the most efficient technique for the conversion from wind energy into electric energy. Compared with its counterparts, it has a lower rated revolving speed, thus raising the work efficiency.
Grid Utility-connected (On Grid) and Battery Charging (Off Grid) Systems      
Going On- or Off-Grid
We can supply wind power plants for all applications. Our wind power plants can either be connected to the power grid (on grid) or generate electricity off grid. We can fulfill all your requirements with a product range from 300W to 20kW.
On Grid Wind Generator System
Wind turbine system feed all the AC power into Grid Utility through an grid connected inverter, the grid will supply power for your heating, lighting, home appliances and other loads. 

Off Grid Wind Generator System
Wind turbine generates electricity with wind and charge into battery group, and then the system can supply DC and AC power for your heating, lighting, home appliances and other loads. 


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