Full Sine Wave Inverter (for off grid wind power system)

Grid-off systems are independent from the utility grid, avoiding the possibility of losing power when the grid goes down. Electricity from grid-off systems is used on site, such as an RV or cabin. Power that is generated can be stored in batteries and used on no wind days. A generator may also be used for back-up.This inverter can convert the DC voltage of battery to reliable pure sine wave AC voltage for appliances, such as TVs, computers, water pumps, and etc. The inverter is designed to provide years of trouble-free operation and includes automatic safety monitoring circuitry to protect the inverter, and your battery.
•1. Controlled by CPU, pure sine wave output, it can drive different kinds of household appliances and industrial appliances. Such as
tube lights, refrigerators, air-conditioners, dynamoelectric tools and so on.
•2. Output slow-starting function, even though you open the unit with loads , it wont damage the inverter
•3. High transfer efficiency, it is up to 85% when it drives tube lights, which save the input of the solar energy and wind energy.
•4.With complete protective functions, protections against output overload, short-circuit, input with high voltage and low voltages, etc.
•5.With most advanced technologies, it has been up to the best cost performance.

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